Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Needlebooks and Cases

There is no longer any reason for you not to make yourself, or a friend, a needlecase or needlebook. TipNut has put together a list of free needlebook and needlecase tutorial links on her site. (I love the one made from a cigarette case on Whip Up. I saw that a little while ago and wondered if I could use an old compact instead. I think I could.)

I found a few more in my archives:

Sewing Needle Book from knitting-and.com. (And, remember there are embroidery patterns there too!)

Bonnet Needle Book

Bunny Hill Needle Case

And, my all-time favorite: "Forget-Me-Not" Valentine Needlecase from Pattern Bee.

Didn't you make one of those, Patty? Why, yes, I did. And, then took a blurry picture of it. See?


Kellie said...

CUTE! I've got a couple different needle case patterns...I may have to make one now! You've inspired me :)

Lil_Birdie said...

Very cute ! I've been needing to make one of these . Thanks for the link :)

barbara said...

It's not very blurry. It's very cute! I may need to make myself one of these.