Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stitch N' Pitch

I just checked the Stitch N' Pitch schedule to see which Major League Baseball teams are participating this season and once again, the California Angels (I know that's not their name anymore but old habits die hard) are not part of it. That's too bad because I think it would be totally fun to go to a baseball game and embroider or cross-stitch (or knit, crochet or needlepoint). At a Stitch N' Pitch game, you can sit a special section with other fans and work on a project while cheering on your team. This year, some Minor League Baseball teams are also hosting Stitch N Pitch events. These events are put on by MLB and The National NeedleArts Association to increase awareness and raise funds for the Needle Arts Mentoring Program, a needle arts not-for-profit program.

Oh, this is good: there's a mentoring program at a school in Anaheim yet the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (as they are now known) are not hosting a Stitch N Pitch event.

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