Saturday, April 26, 2008

Survey Or ?

I should be sleeping or answering my email or stitching something but instead I'm doing this whatever it is (survey? fill in the blanks? meme?).

I see: London, I see France
I need: a decent haircut and some highlights
I find: myself worrying that my dog is getting older
I want: some Starbucks iced tea
I have: to get someone to take my picture on May 12 (National Wear Your Apron Day)
I wish: I had a driver's license
I love: Barb's "Battling Stepford" post (go read it now)
I hate: child molesters
I miss: working with kids
I fear: kidney failure
I feel: like making potato salad
I hear: me typing on the keyboard
I smell: nothing right now
I crave: pickles after I eat cookies
I search: no more. Now I Google.
I wonder: who will stop the rain
I regret: I didn't have kids when I was in my late 20's

1 comment:

woof nanny said...

Oh wow, thanks for the shout out :)