Monday, May 5, 2008

The Donkey and the Dog

I'm not sure I've linked to the latest embroidery patterns from TipNut. They're a set of six designs with kitchen proverbs and a girl and sometimes with a dog and/or cat. Really cute.

I know I linked to the French cross stitch blog Swappons some time ago but it looks like I missed the main page for all the old embroidery booklets. Start here and then either click each cover or the page numbers at the bottom. I got excited the other night when I came across the chart for "L'ane et le chien." It's No 104 on this page. Sometimes I search French blogs for donkeys so finding a cross stitch chart with both a donkey and a dog was a bonus. I started stitching it the other night. I also made another biscornu and guess what? It's lop-sided. So it's not uneven Aida. It's me. I'm going to leave it as is. That will be my thing: lop-sided biscornu. (biscornus? biscorni?)


Deepa said...

I found quite a few blogs offering free patterns.Here's the link
Just sharing the info

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love those kitchen proverb patterns! So cute!
Thank you for sharing the link.

Deepa said...

Here's one more-chinese

Apologies if Iam bugging you.All languages except English are alien to me.Though these sites could be translated,I feel that you could do a better job than me at analysing it and presenting it your readers