Saturday, May 31, 2008

Embroidery Finishes

Andrea Zuill has posted her free embroidery pattern for June. This one is a cute little Dutch girl. Love her clogs.

I recently embroidered two of Andrea's free patterns. Here's the gnome:

Gnome embroidery
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I really like Andrea's gnome but I think mine is a little too boring. I should have made him more colorful. I didn't stitch the mushrooms in the pattern because I wanted to put the finished design into a hoop and there wasn't enough room for the mushrooms. And, why did I want to put my gnome into a hoop? So I could hang him on the wall.

Remember the Swatch Portraits on The Purl Bee where you put some gorgeous fabric in a wooden embroidery hoop and voila, instant wall art? Well, I never got around to doing that, as much as I wanted to, but I recently found three embroidery hoops while looking for something else and it dawned on me that I could put something I had embroidered in them instead of fabric, and hang them up.

I also did Andrea's unicorn (yes, that unicorn). I really liked how he turned out, especially the flowers. You can't really tell from this photo but he was embroidered on a piece of the pink pillowcase that I scorched when I was ironing a different pattern on it. And, I swear this was not intentional but notice his right front leg is wider than his left one. Just like my feet these days.

Unicorn embroidery
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You can find the free gnome pattern here and the unicorn here. And, check out Andrea's artwork and embroidery patterns at her Etsy shop, Badbirds (her donkey pattern is on my To-Buy list).

I had the pattern for this puppy for a long time and finally got around to stitching him up. I went a little crazy with the French knots on his hat but I figured I needed the practice. He's embroidered on linen that came from some pants my mom no longer wanted and he's in the hoops that she got me when she taught me how to cross stitch thirty some years ago.

Party puppy embroidery
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The Party Puppy pattern is here on Needlecrafter.


Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I love the unicorn. Its so pretty!

Kissy said...

Love your unicorn. You have done the flowers very nice.
Andrea's patterns are cute, I saved some of them.
Especially the reindeer is so neat (but I would suggest to shave the dutch girls legs *lol*)

Thanks for the link!

Lil_Birdie said...

I love the unicorn too :)
The flowers around his neck are a really nice touch .

angel doof said...

patty, you know i am not talented. i liked the gnome. reminds me of buffalo when this lady in one of the 'burbs had hers stolen. like 100's of them taken from her lawn. i don't remember if she got the back though. xoxoxo

Tedino said...

Florida, yes, that would be me at the moment :) They are all so cuuute Patty! I love the Unicorn, I have a collection of Unicorn plates, up North, will send you a photo when I get back if you like :) Your Peonies have bloomed already? Mine are probably about to bloom, but I am here and they are there so I`m not sure I will get to see them. Hmmm, wonder if the June Bugs are already attacking my Roses....

Nicole (SAHM Ramblings) said...

You have such cute stuff and I hope someday to get back into genuine hoop embroidery. Maybe someday.

In the meantime, DH launched a website for embroidery patterns in .pes format for the fancy-schmancy embroidery sewing machines. Email me if you want the site address. :)

Moderate the post - I didn't feel right mentioning it (advertising it) on your blog but I knew that you were into all things pattern. hehe

Kellie said...

They're all cute...I like the puppy best. :) French knots ARE pretty but man, they irritate me to no end when I'm trying to do them.