Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Fabulous Non dairy Diary

I have a little calendar page taped to my monitor and knew it came from a blog but I could not find the saved link. It's only taken me a month to realize I should look at the entire calendar and see if there was a link to the blog somewhere on it. On the first page was "del4yo" so I googled it and found the blog, Non dairy Diary. I am pretty sure it was originally linked on Meggiecat, which would have been my next place to search if I hadn't found it by now.

This is one of those blogs you can get lost in for quite awhile. There's all kinds of neat stuff to look at and to download and print.

I know the year is nearly half over already but here's the cute 2008 calendar. And, the 2007 calendar is adorable.

Now I have a new background for my desktop and a little red rabbit on my Google profile.

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