Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fake Liddle Kiddles

My sister and I played with Liddle Kiddles when we were kids. We also had some Kiddle knock-offs. These are the only two that are still around. They have to be close to 40 years old.

Liddle Kiddles knock-offs
Originally uploaded by PipStitch

Fake Liddle Kiddles
Originally uploaded by PipStitch

More fake Kiddles on Flickr:
liddle kiddle wannabes
mini doll suicides
march of the kiddle klones


Lil_Birdie said...

I had 2 of those little dolls .
One had pink hair , one had green and they came in a little bottle and smelled like perfume.
I kept them in their bottle for years and my daughter ended up playing with them .The box they were in got lost when we moved so I no longer have them =(
They were really cute and probably worth a small fortune now.
Nice memories , thanks

cindy said...

Gooooood grief! I played with those things like crazy when I was a kid...which shows my age! LOL. Thanks for a fond memory. And love your bannner...too cute.