Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Made Cookies

A couple of nights ago, I saw a link to a recipe for Jam Dotted Shortbread Cookies on Heartfelt (in this post). I've made shortbread before but was in the mood to do something different so I decided to make them yesterday. The recipe was originally from Coconut & Lime and while reading that blog, I discovered a Blogiversary Contest. All the details are here. You have until June 5th to enter.

The recipe mixes up pretty quickly and the cookies turned out really good and buttery. I've lost track of how many I've eaten already. The jar of strawberry jam that I thought was in the cupboard was nowhere to be found so I used plum jelly instead. And, I left some plain too (I like them better with the jelly).

I have to read more of Coconut & Lime and check out the other recipes there. But first I need to go have one more cookie as a midnight 2 am snack.


Jennifer said...

These look very similar to the ones my MIL makes at Christmas and it's the same idea of the ones I make. Hers are a buttery cookie base with just a little sprinkle of nuts and the jam. Mine are a cream cheese based dough rolled in nuts and topped with the jam right when they come out of the oven.

Kellie said...

This is how I read blogs. I jump. I stop, I start, I go somewhere else because certain people post all these awesome links that get me sidetracked. Sometimes I remember where I started and think "OK, now back to the original blog" and I start scrolling. Something catches my eye and I'm at it again.

These cookies were the stopping point! You said the magic words..."good" and "buttery". They look plum yummy! hee hee har har har

OK it's 10:37p.m. and it's WAAAY past my bedtime. I'm coming back've posted lots since my last visit!

Deepa said...

How much is 6 oz in gms?