Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kerri's Chicken Scratch Bookmark

Kerri over at Kerri Made has written a tutorial on making a chicken scratch bookmark [link via Sew Mama Sew]. This is such a terrific idea!

Last month, I started doing some chicken scratch on a pillowcase and I enjoyed it but it's going to take me forever to finish so I've already put it aside.. (I'm not doing the entire pillowcase, just the border.) I'm sure I'll go back to it at some point but Kerri's bookmark is more my style. It won't take a year to do and I won't run out of white floss while stitching chicken scratch-ing it.

Be sure to also check out Kerri's pretty purple chicken scratch star and her crafty tool belt tutorial.

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muralimanohar said...

When my mom was 10, she made this GORGEOUS red gingham skirt, SO full, and she did that all around the border at the bottom. I looooooved that skirt, and it disappeared during some move or another. SO tragic. :(