Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meet Sizzly Friddle

In April, Emily at The Floss Box started a monthly challenge. The first one was to make a postcard. I thought I could do that, even though I've made a few postcards in the past and was been disappointed by the end results. I'm not very creative. I can follow someone else's pattern but coming up with something on my own? It's not going to happen.

I remembered this Kewpie ATC and decided to cross stitch a design on a postcard. That way I could use a chart I already had or one I found online. I wanted to do a reminder that May 12th is National Wear Your Apron Day. I won't bore you with the details except to say that my final attempt, postcard #3, is over on the sidebar here.

I feel the need to explain it. The stripey paper is not crooked. I guess I didn't hold the camera straight when I snapped the picture. (Some day I will hook up my scanner.) The text was cross stitched on a piece of Aida and then I stitched it to the postcard. I used a Liddle Kiddle paper doll because she had an apron as part of her wardrobe. Her name is Sizzly Friddle, by the way. On the inside of the back cover of the paper doll book, she's grilling a hot dog. The postcard is kind of blah, and I wish I used a darker colored floss, but it works for now.

Oh yeah, for May, the theme for Emily's challenge is food.


Kellie said...

That is adorable, Patty! Love it! Uh...I didn't do the challenge. I had good intentions, though.

Lidian said...

Hi Patty! Thank you so much for visiting Kitchen Retro - come on over any time, I update every day (usually twice a day)

myvintagecharm said...

Thanks SO much for the paper doll link- those are incredibly awesome!!

Your postcard turned out so cute! I'll be hosting a bloggy giveaway on the 12th in honor of Wear Your Apron Day- the prize? an apron, of course!