Thursday, May 1, 2008

What Would I Do Without Google

I found some interesting stuff a few nights ago while searching for some apron clip art.

KF Studio is a Japanese site with a page of cute stuff (notepaper, envelopes, business cards, even fax cover sheets and little bags for chopsticks) you can download (they're all pdf's) and print out (Google translation -- after clicking this link, click at the top where it has Paper Goods). [link via Zakka: The Art of the Handmade]

The last set of photos in this post on Et pourquoi pas moi? shows you how to make a cute fabric flower (Google translation).

Burda Style has also has instructions on making a fabric flower.

Edited to add: I just remembered I once made a flower out of felt like the one on Turkey Feathers. I had made a collar cover out of felt for my dog Maggie and I attached the flower to that. Because Maggie likes to play in dirt, the white flower soon turned gray and was recently removed from the coller cover and thrown away. I haven't made another one yet. I should probably use black felt next time.

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woof nanny said...

I've starting using instead, and even it utilizes google. But google put some spyware on my computer, and I find that unethical. I was reading different articles where other people are complaining about this, though google denies it. All I know is my home page kept trying to shift to google, and randomly my pages shifted to google, and then my computer crashed. So now it's or dogpile. But I know what you mean--search engines are awesome.