Monday, June 9, 2008

Diabetics, Wash Your Hands First

I know some of you either have diabetes yourself or have a diabetic in your life so please read this post and the comments on it over at Diabetes Mine. And, for those who have no interest in clicking that link at all, the post is about the importance of washing your hands before testing your blood sugar, especially after you've been serving a gooey loaded-with-sugar birthday cake all afternoon.

And, here's an excellent tip for diabetics who need to know how to hide their insulin pump on their wedding day. You mean, I can't just stick my hand down the front of the dress and pull out my pump like I do now?

[waving at all the Googlers who are here looking for free redwork patterns]


Kellie said...

Thanks Patty...I'm sending that on to Dad.

Chellebelle said...

That was kind of sweet, but I wish everyone would give up wearing those polyester/silk/tafetta/lace monstrosities we call wedding gowns. They're f'n ugly.