Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got Any Spare Change

I know. I know. Two posts in a row about dogs in need. I promise not to make it a regular habit.

If you look at my sidebar, you can see I'm all for adopting from animal shelters and dog rescues. I try not to ask for donations for specific groups or animals too often -- the Blogathon being the exception. I blogged for 24 hours last July in an effort to raise money for a Shih Tzu rescue group. And, I had planned on doing that this summer too but it looks like the Blogathon organizers are taking a year off so there won't be an official one this year. That's too bad because I'm sure some of you would have wanted to join in. It's a fun way to raise money for a favorite charity. Maybe we can all do it in 2009.

Anyway, I received an email from Tammy at Southern Shih Tzu Rescue the other day with the most pitiful pictures of a little dog who had been found by the side of the road covered in motor oil. Since small dogs aren't known for getting under cars to change the Valvoline and somehow getting themselves covered in it, you know this was done to him on purpose. How sad is that? He also has eye issues, is infested with fleas and ticks, has sarcoptic mange and is heartworm positive. If you can spare any amount, even five bucks, to help get this poor little guy well again, please click here for information on how and where to send a donation.

Thank you so much!!!

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Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Poor little guy!! I support a Boxer rescue here in Illinois and am trying to get a volunteer position for me and Luke at the no-kill shelter by our apartment. Helping animals in need is awesome; they need us!