Monday, June 30, 2008

Maggie's Birthday

Last week, MySpace sent me a few emails about a friend's upcoming birthday. I ignored the messages at first because I ignore pretty much everything that I get from MySpace, but they kept coming so I finally opened one. It was about my dog's birthday. How sad I forgot she was turning 15 years old this month. And, then I also forgot to mention it on her actual birthday yesterday. Good thing she doesn't read my blog.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Maggie!

(Dang. Her feet are huge.)


myboringblog said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Kellie said...

I hope you had cake and ice cream to celebrate! I have a Maggie too! My Maggie is a beautiful but extremely antisocial mostly Siamese cat. Not nearly as happy and friendly as you girl appears to be!

Early Bird Special said...

Aww, Happy Birthday, Maggie! What a sweetheart!