Monday, July 28, 2008

Aprons And Shih Tzus

Katherine Dunn of Donkey Dreams has put up a gallery of the aprons she received for Pino's Pie Day. These are the aprons that did not sell on Pie Day (read more here) so go buy one now and put some cash into Pino's money bucket.

The Apron Queen is having yet another giveaway for an apron from her store.

Check out the rick rack on this apron at Primrose Design. Doesn't that look cool?

The deadline for Tie One On's Gingham Summer apron theme has been extended to September 1st. I've been doing some chicken scratch on some pink gingham. We'll see if I actually make an apron, but if not, I'm learning all about chicken scratch.

And, this is for all you hardcore Shih Tzu lovers: a short clip of my dog doing nothing but trotting through the house. Notice how she looks back at me when I call her name. Amazing since she can't hear anything anymore. The camera work leaves a lot to be desired and the commercial for the HPV vaccine in the background adds a nice touch.


Gem said...

Awww! Maggie is soooooo cute :) x

Jennifer said...

I watched a marathon of Food Network Star yesterday. One of the contestants (Lisa) designs her own line of chic aprons, and I immediately thought of you and your apron obsession.

Lil_Birdie said...

Maggie is so very cute :)

Janera said...

Your Maggie is precious -- I think she might be the big girl version of my new little Oscar. You can see him here:

Found your site today and love it. Please come by my place sometime for a visit. Or come register for my giveaway. Love to have you.