Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Sunday

Well, I'm glad the Sitemeter/Internet Explorer issue has been fixed. One thing that amazed me is people I know saying things like "I don't know what Sitemeter is." Have they not met Google or another search engine? Seriously. My sister thinks people are dumb. I think they just aren't very curious. The number of things I look up on Google is ridiculous. Anyway.

Green Jello accidentally ended up with two kits from Pimp Stitch so she is giving away one of them. How nice! You have until tomorrow, August 4 to enter, so go do it now. [Link to giveaway via Goody-Goody]

There's a giveaway for this vintage apron at (new-to-me blog) Two Pink Possums until next Tuesday, August 5th.

You have to got to check out the Melodrama Tea Towels at Stitchado. I love how the tomato is the hero!

(Visiting Stitchado reminds me how I need to make a new banner. The unraveled Aida has lost its appeal for me. )

The free embroidery pattern for August is up at Badbirds. This one is a mermaid. And, I think I forgot to link to July's pattern, Jacob the Octopus.

Remember the Noah's Ark block of the month at Lynette Anderson Designs? Well, now there's a separate page for it on Lynette's blog. And, to enable you freebie search fiends to find them more easily, the designs are rabbits, a dove, cows, kangaroos, and elephants.

One more thing and it's some wonderful news: the other day, my friend Tess had a kidney transplant. She has had diabetes forever and been on dialysis for years so I am really happy for her.

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Niki said...

Prayers for Tess! Love all the freebies you posted. and I'm signed up for the giveaway, thanks to YOU Patty ;)
I wanted to be a live Kidney donor. I'm still contemplating it. My dh thinks I'm nuts. LOL. He said, "what if you need a kidney transplant someday". Well I answered that question quickly and easily...If you were/are a donor, you go to the top of the list if you need one. Should I? I'm scared. But I think I might if my life would calm down a bit. hmmm. HUGS.