Saturday, August 23, 2008

There Really Is A Corgi Pants

You how I recently said I couldn't pass up clicking a link to a blog named CorgiPants? For one thing, I love Corgis with their short legs and pointy ears, plus that name always makes me think of a Corgi wearing pants and just imagining that cracks me up. Well, the other day, my goofy dog, Maggie, had been sunning herself on the patio in the backyard for at least ten minutes. After she came back into the house, she was panting like crazy, and while watching her, I suddenly thought what if the pants in CorgiPants stands for a Corgi who pants and not a Corgi who wears pants? How disappointing would that be?

(I can't be the only one who has blogs on my mind even when I'm away from my computer, can I?)

Earlier today, I discovered something that personifies embodies the blog's name. Look at this! I love it!

(Can a dog personify something? I don't think so, which is why I changed it.)


Jenna Z said...

Hehe! I can verify that CorgiPants really does mean the pants of a corgi, aka leg coverings. The fluffy, puffy hair on rump of a corgi are known as pantaloons or pants. On show corgis, it is fluffed and back-brushed to make it even more pronounced.

And I have blogs on my mind too. Well, blogs and tv shows. Today while sewing I was occupying myself by replaying Gilmore Girls episodes in my head. :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, the things we do to our pets! Love that the pants are plaid!

Diane said...

Again, I am cracking up at your posts. This is my line of thinking as well. It MUST be that the corgi is wearing pants or who'd care? I'll not soon forget a corgi wearing those pants. Now does that mean I should get my scottish terrier a kilt? I'm not sure she'd appreciate it.