Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blogging Photos From Flickr

Sometimes I post photos from Flickr here and it seems the way I do it is really lame and I'm wondering if there is an easier way. I click the Blog This button on Flickr which posts the picture to my blog and immediately puts it out there for everyone to see, but if I want to write something about the photo, I need to change the entry back to a draft, add some text and then publish it. And, if I want to have more than one photo in the post, I have go through Flickr and add each one to a separate post on my blog, change them all to drafts, and then copy & paste the code for each photo into one entry, which can be a pain if there are a bunch of pictures, and then publish it.

So, is there an easier way to blog multiple photos from Flickr?


Brook said...

ok YEEESSSSS I thought the whole blog straight from Flicker thing was so cool .. Then relized it is a major pain in the butt... But there are options!!! A) Click on the photo u want to blog an go to ALL SIZES then click medium and scroll down to the bottom and u will see codes either copy the long code and paste it wherever u want it to go on your post you are writing and continue to do this method for all of the photos u want B) you can copy the URL code and then add it by clicking the PHOTO ICON on your blog and add it that way

Elizabeth said...

When I find a flickr picture I want to use, I go to all sizes and select the size I want and save it to my own hard drive. Don't forget to give the photographer credit!