Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Post About Cross Stitch

(I really need to hire someone to come up with more creative titles for my entries.)

Tanya at The Sampler Girl has two free cross stitch charts up on her site this month: one for the election (both parties are represented) and a Halloween one. You will also find links on that page to her other freebies. I've been wanting to do the one called Pumpkin House for awhile.

There's a free owl chart at a French blog called Vick et pique et colle and also a hedgehog from the side, on his back and from the front [links via LaGattaC]. Google Translator keeps giving me the French version for some reason. Maybe you'll have better luck with that.

Of course, I had to print out the Garden Puppy freebie from Artecy. I don't know when I will stitch it but it is cute. (ETA: the chart is no longer available. Sorry! I guess they change their freebies every couple of weeks.)

Belinda of Blue Ribbon Designs is one of my favorite cross stitch designers, which is odd since I don't actually own any of her charts. (I did stitch up one of her freebies a couple of years ago -- and I always obsessively print out the others.) Look at this fun set of smalls called Creepy Crawly. I love that casket! The latest freebie is a Christmas ornament called A Star On Top.

I've always wanted to do a Round Robin but never joined one until now. It's not a traditional RR where one person stitches part of it and then sends it on to another person who does another part, etc. The only stitcher for this Round Robin is me, myself and I. In fact, that's what it's called: Me, Myself And I Round Robin. The first one already has 100 members so a second one has been started up. I still don't know if I actually can do this. I can handle the cross stitching but coming up with a plan for my own neighborhood kind of freaks me out. I already know I will be doing houses, most likely in a row, but I don't want them to look disconnected. I need to figure out what to do when one design ends and another begins. The good thing is you can't start stitching until December 31st so I have plenty of time to plan this all out.


Brook said...

yay I'll have to check these out!! cross stitch should be called "cross eyed" after doing it for an hour I feel my eyes going cross trying to find the little holes....

Jenna Z said...

That coffin rocks! Too cute!

Almostabride said...

I love it!