Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Petition Time

Update: Ratchet was cleared to leave the base but he missed the flight sponsored by SPCA International. They plan to return to Baghdad on Sunday to try to get him on another flight. By the way, the petition currently has over 60,000 names on it. Wow!

More than a few years ago, I knew a dog rescuer who started an online petition to get Oprah to do a show on puppymills. After a ton of people signed it, she printed it out and sent it off to Chicago. It cost her a small fortune to do this because there were lots of pages. Since we now know that it was a billboard that motivated the talk show host to do her puppymill show last year, one could say that this particular petition didn't have much of an effect on Oprah. And, I'm sure that could be said of many online petitions. But whatever. I'm still going to link to two of them and ask you to please consider signing them.

First off is the petition for clemency for Ratchet. You may have heard about this one. (It was actually mentioned during a newsbreak while I was listening to the radio yesterday.) Ratchet was befriended by Sgt. Gwen Beberg in Iraq as a puppy and now the Army will not allow Ratchet to leave the country and come to the US to live with Gwen's parents. Adopting a stray dog is against military rules. The petition already has over 38,000 signatures -- the goal was 10,000 -- and you can add your name but going here.

The other petition is to get Google to do their home page in blue on World Diabetes Day (November 14th) to raise awareness about diabetes. To sign, go here (and, do not donate to the site that hosts the petition) or just click this lovely button.

Thank you!!

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Coloradolady said...

Thanks for posting this. I read the story about the dog and what has happened on that petititon site. I am going to make a few phone calls myself..the numbers are provided. I have sat here and cried for that soldier....dogs are my soft spot anyway.