Thursday, November 20, 2008

But I Will Not Twitter

The other night, I was kind of bored so I reactivated my Facebook account. I had joined last year at the request of a friend but didn't see the point of being there and deleted inactivated my account. I spent some time there again, checking out groups and looking for people I know. I plugged my AOL address book in and there were names coming up that I didn't even recognize. I think most of them were dog rescue-related but then again who knows. At least none of them are dead (see Tuesday's post). And, I found a few of you on there but felt a little stalker-ish sending a friend request, and there's a good chance you probably wouldn't know who I was anyway.

(By the way, there are ads on Facebook on the right-hand side, and I swear 99% of the ones I saw had to do with Rachael Ray. I would click another link and a new page would open and there would be another picture of her. It's as if Facebook knows just how much she annoys me and is doing this just to drive me insane.)

I still don't see the point of Facebook (maybe I am just anti-social) so can someone please let me in on what I can do there. (Looking up some guy I had a crush on in high school is so 1998.)


Jennifer said...

I only have a facebook page because one of my interns had one and wouldn't do Myspace. Which I only have because my cousin made her myspace private and I had to get my own to see hers.

myboringblog said...

Ha ha! I mostly see Oprah and fad diet ads on facebook. I like FB for the games I can play with friends more than anything else. But occasionally the requests get a little overwhelming and I take a little break and recharge.

Miss 376 said...

Maybe I'm anti-social too, as I feel the same

Bunny said...

I can relate. I mainly go there to keep in touch with friends and family who live away. I get annoyed with people who send me friend requests when they know darned well that they don't know me (such as an acquaintance's mother, which I just don't understand). Other than that, I don't really use it for anything.

There was an application called Scrabulous which I absolutely love to play, but there was a debate with Hasbro so it was removed from Facebook for North American users. Since I can't play Scrabble, I may be on Facebook for five minutes or less. It's just boring now.

There are other things, though, like Word Twist, Scramble, other games you can look up and add to your applications. You can play against friends or random players. Which can be a relaxing thing when you have spare time, or it can be a time waster if you spend too much time on it. :P

I like Facebook a lot more than MySpace, though.

Her Shabbiness said...

I opened a FB account earlier this year. No one was on it. So after 2 weeks I deactivated my account. Fast forward to the end of summer and a friend who was moving to the east coast asked if I had an account because he wanted to add me. So I reactivated it and much to my surprise so many people I know are now using FB. It has really taken off for the "older" crowd. I'm in my thirties - as are most of my friends.

For me it's a way to keep in touch with friends (old & new) and family. I've reconnected with people I haven't seen for decades. I will admit it's a bit weird, but it's been fun.

I never tried Twitter, but I did try Plurk. It was a waste of time, atleast for me.

Simone said...

I like facebook because I'm antisocial I think. I can check up on my assorted cousins, my darling brother and other friends without actually having to talk to them. Scramble and Word Challenge have become colossal time wasters for me. I spent hours just to beat my friend's score.

Jessica said...

I've found that the coolest thing about facebook, is that you can add applications that will update your page every time you post something to your blog or flickr page. It's handy reminder for friends/fans who check their profile page regularly.

I agree tho- Facebook, if not handled properly can be at best a big time stealer, and at worst a major annoyance and invasion of personal space.

But, hey! How what's your facebook name? Can we be friends? *wink*


Sunny Tuesday said...

I typically keep it to stay in touch with my family. Then I found Pieces of Flair and formed an addiction. Which is super lame, I know. :)