Monday, November 3, 2008

The Diabetes Ornament Tree

Hey! I found a crafty diabetes-related project, and no, it's not gray.

Every year, The Busy Needle, a shop in Rogers, Arkansas, accepts handmade ornaments for their tree and sells them to raise money for local diabetes charities. In 2007, they raised $3400. Belinda of Blue Ribbon Designs says the money was used to buy medication and testing supplies.

From The Busy Needle's website:

Our goal each year is to increase last year's total. It's a huge effort but we give it our best shot. Somehow, we usually manage to pull it out in the end. We accept any type of ornament as long as it is hand-made. We have received all types of needlearts (cross stitch, crochet, smocking, you name it)! You would be amazed at the variety of ornaments we receive and what people choose. Send us your hand-made treasures. We welcome all your beautiful creations.

Ever since I first read about this on Cyberstitchers' charity page, I have been meaning to make them an ornament or two, but have yet to do it. But I'm going to start an ornament for the tree this week. Would anybody else like to join me?

For more information on The Diabetes Ornament Tree, go to their website.

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