Thursday, November 6, 2008

Have You Never Been Mellow

About five years ago, Uncle Bob asked his readers to come up with their Fifteen Favorite Mellow Tunes. I couldn't get Olivia Newton-John's voice out of my head but I managed to come up with a list and I posted it to my (old) blog.

1. Sadly Beautiful -- The Replacements
2. Perfect Circle -- Rem
3. Skyway -- the Replacements
4. Pecan Pie -- Golden Smog
5. Best of My Love -- The Eagles
6. Avenues -- Whiskeytown
7. My Drug Buddy -- Lemonheads
8. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) -- Talking Heads
9. Allison -- Elvis Costello
10. Rose Parade -- Elliott Smith
11. Passenger Side -- Wilco
12. Pale Blue Eyes -- Rem
13. Cowboy Junkies -- Sweet Jane
14. Dancing Barefoot -- Patti Smith or U2 or that Feelies version that I have on a flexi from some 80's zine
15. Running To Stand Still -- U2 (well, except for that middle verse where Bono is uh, ragin')

A couple of weeks later, I posted this on my (old) blog:

Wouldn't it be incredibly cool if somebody saw my list of Fifteen Favorite Mellow Tunes and made me a cd? And then she just mailed it to me without telling me so I was completely surprised to get it and when I opened the envelope, I didn't have my glasses on so I had trouble figuring out the words on the cd and all I could tell was that it said Patty and mellow and then I saw Pecan Pie and I realized what it was and I got so excited, I squealed and freaked out the blind dog.

My friend, Michelle, had downloaded every song on my list and then burned a cd for me, and I was so surprised and thrilled. She was even able to find live versions of some of the songs. I would have married her if we were both gay and she also gave me a nice ring. Seriously. Mix tapes cds have that effect on me.

After I moved a couple of years ago, I could not find the cd anywhere. It wasn't with my other cds, and I knew it wasn't in my car because I didn't have a cd player in there. I searched for it for awhile but eventually, I figured finding it was a lost cause and it was gone for good.

The other day, I decided to play something with my small boombox and guess what I found in the cd player? The cd from Michelle! We won't be able to get married now that Proposition 8 passed in California but I still absolutely love her for making me the best mix cd ever.


Jennifer said...

Playlists... the new mix tape / CD.

Speaking of which, have you ever done your life's soundtrack playlist?

Diane said...

Yay! You found the mix! Too funny. For some reason I started singing, "Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid after reading this....