Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Might Need To Break Up With Facebook

The new Facebook layout is ugh-worthy.

The "news feed" is now supposed to be streaming live so every time your pal Joe Blow sends Peeps to 57 of his closest pals, your news feed lets you know about it. (I'd like to know who the loser was who thought someone using the Peeps application was newsworthy.) Meanwhile, my news feed doesn't bother to tell me when Michelle adds new pictures and no longer lets me know when my sister becomes friends with someone. Yeah, I could click on their FB pages and see what they've been up to since I last logged in 37 minutes earlier, but I don't want to have to do that for everybody, or at least not for the seven Facebookers that I actually like and consider real friends. I'd rather see it all in one place, like it used to be. Dear FB: if you're going to stream it live, then post everything we all do, not just the stupid gifting of the Peeps. Or at least let us choose what we want and don't want to see on our news feeds. It seems many people don't like how things are now so maybe our complaints will get FB to reconsider the changes. And, I believe in unicorns too.

Did you know that March was Adopt-A-Rescued-Guinea-Pig-Month? To mark the occasion, here's a super lousy photo of a felt guinea pig I made sometime last year (what's up with that white mouth? They look like teeth.) and my version of Jenny's Shamrock Pin, which I made the other night and then pinned on to a sweater that was left on top of a pile of clothes on a chair in my bedroom for all of St. Patrick's Day. But, hey, my shamrock is all ready to go for the wearing of the green next year.

If adopting a guinea pig sounds like a plan but you don't know where to find one that's been rescued, try Petfinder. They have a search feature on the home page where you can put in your zip code and the kind of pet you're looking for and get a list of available animals in your area.

And, thanks so much for all the comments on my pillow! That totally made my day year!


Kandra said...

I used to have a Guinea Pig. His name was Sam and he had long hair. It was bought for my son (age 5 at the time), but quickly I was so attached. I cried when he died... it was really sad - never had one again, though I have Guinea Pig sat for friends :D

As for Facebook - I'm soooooo in agreement!

Elizabeth said...

I think FB is trying to be Twitter. I don't see the point of either of them in my life particularly. FB is good for finding old friends, but now I've got a semi-stalker through it, too! a former HS classmate lives in my town and keeps wanting to get together. I didn't like her then, so why would I want to get together now?

Diane said...

I'm not a facebook-er, but it does seem strange that you can't choose your "news feed".

Simply love your guinea pig and shamrock pin. The gp does look like he has the tiniest teeth poking through a smile :)

Busym1 said...

Guinea Pigs are awesome, but my dog would hate that thing! I always wanted one....Face book is nothing I want to be a part of. I don't want to find old friends, and all I need is for some wierdo stalking me! I already have a kindergarten mom stalking me.....(((hugs)))) Michelle

Loralynn said...

So, what exactly are you saying?? Unicorns aren't real?? Thanks for bursting my bubble! Seriously though, I agree totally about FB.

marybt said...

I feel so sad that you will no longer see my status updates. I know you live for them and all.

We have a rule in my house: no rodents and no reptiles. Also no tarantulas.

The pillow was super cute. Is it okay if I comment on it in this post instead of that post? It's so much work to go through word verfication. The puppies are really cute, but I totally love how you did the sun.

Bunny said...

Ugh, tell me about it! I complained about the layout last time they changed it, but this latest one is even worse. The 'highlights' strip drives me crazy and there is no way, it seems, to turn it off.

Thank you for bringing adopting to our attention! I wish pet stores would stop selling animals and continue to sell pet products instead. I wish more people would adopt a pet from a shelter or a reputable rescue instead of buying from a store. I have no qualms with breeders as long as they are reputable, qualified, take excellent care of their animals. It pains me to hear about back yard breeders..

On a brighter note, though, I really loved your pillow, as I think I mentioned when you posted about it. It's just too cute. I'll have to make one for myself now to calm the pillow envy!!! heheh ;)


Jennifer said...

ITA about Facebook. What a pain in the ass. I have found that blocking applications prevents them from showing up in the newsfeed, but I still would like to be able to select what I can see in my newsfeed - I miss the new friends thing too.