Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Even More Links

The hits just keep coming!

Check out this tutorial for Peeps made out of felt over at Dusty Bottom Acres. As soon as I am done with this post, I am off to make some Peeps. I also started on a basket for my bunny this afternoon and I'm hoping to get that finished tonight. Maya Made has a pattern for a felt basket. So does Tiny Decor [via One Pretty Thing].

My supply of felt is dwindling but if I have a large enough piece, I also want to make one of these cones from Tangarang.

A vintage elephant embroidery pattern has been added to

So September has a tutorial for a reversible flower pot wrap. Cute idea!

I love the bunnies and chicks embroidery patterns at Blue Bird Studios. I found that blog thanks to a link on One Crafty Place and now I see even more patterns for dollies and eggs. And, take a look at the Spring wallhanging that Heather of Blue Bird Studios made with her sketchings turned patterns. Oh, I wish I could sew!


Kandra said...

Great Links! I'm loving the flower pot wrap idea!

Busym1 said...

What fun links! I really love your finds! Thanks so much! hugs, michelle

Kellie said...

I wanna make a felt peep...and embroidery a bunny in an egg but since Easter is the DAY AFTER TOMORROW(ahem) I probably will have to put those on my list for next year.

Martha said...

Love those felt Peeps! -- just wish I had seen this post earlier. Great blog -- for the cute projects and all the fabulous links you provide.