Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Linkage

It hit me the other night how I hardly ever print out free patterns anymore. That's because I hardly ever look for free patterns anymore. Not that I'm addicted to Facebook or anything. So, here are some links to some freebies for you and me and all the other hoarders out there.

First off, you can find some adorable summer embroidery patterns over at Green Jello. I will definitely be stitching the glass and the lemon slice design on to something.

There's a super cute cross stitch chart of some Stackable Cats at Mochimochi Blog. Also on her blog is Reason #47 I must learn to knit.

I love the Kettle Dolly embroidery pattern [via Craft] from Misako Mimoko.

There are some woodland critters embroidery patterns (owl, hedgehog, squirrel, mushrooms) [via Craft Gossip] at Tangarang.

At One Red Robin, you'll find a sweet little bear to embroider and at Feed Dog, there's a pattern for making a yummy looking Swiss cake roll and mini jam roll out of felt. [Both links via Whip Up]

Now, I need to decide what to make first.


Jhoanna said...

Thanks so much for the linky-love! And thanks too for sharing the other links - will bookmark them now!

Loralynn said...

Facebook can definately take over your life, can't it! Thanks for the links, Patty!

Busym1 said...

Why thank you! I really love the little gnomes jumping rope! Thanks again! hugs, michelle

Unknown said...

I love free patterns :D

I have a new one out that you could add were you so inclined. It's on my blog on May 20th. It's hardanger embroidery though, so I don't know if you'd be interested :)

Anne said...

Thank you for linking I have to decide what to stitch first with this list!

Anonymous said...

thank you soooooo much for all the linkies!!!!!

best wishes with your feet! fingers crossed that you'll be wearing cute shoes/sandals soon and showing off painted toe nails!