Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogathon 2009

Happy Friday, people! I've been working on a cross stitch and a felt pillow this week but neither one is done so I have nothing to share for Finished for Friday over at Lit and Laundry, so instead, I will tell you about the Blogathon.

The Blogathon is an online event where participants update their blogs every thirty minutes for 24 hours straight to raise money for charity. Bloggers collect pledges from sponsors before the Blogathon and when it's all over, sponsors send their donations directly to the charity.

This year the Blogathon is being held on July 25th. Sorry for the short notice but it's not too late to sign up. For more information, check out the website and the FAQ pages. Or you can ask me about it. I've done the Blogathon four times since it started. And, since I just decided to do join in this year, I won't start hitting you guys up for money until tomorrow. :)

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Jenny S said...

oh wow! Blogathon sounds like a challenge - I'm struggling to post once a week let alone every 30 mins and did I see starts 6am!? I think it best I give it a miss but I'll be sure to stop by a few times to cheer you on :)