Friday, August 21, 2009

FFF: A Few Recent X-Stitch Finishes

I was saving this post for Finished for Friday and I got so involved with playing Pet Society on Facebook, that I forgot all about posting it this afternoon. Luckily, it's still Friday in California.

Time to share some recent cross stitch finishes for Finished for Friday.

I took these two pictures right after one another (and without using the flash for either one) but look how different they are.

I actually stitched those back in 2007 and last week I decided it was time to add some felt to the back, a loop to the top and stuff them, because that's pretty much what I do with everything I cross stitch these days. The black spider chart may have come from the DMC web site and the others were freebies for members of a Yahoo group. Helga Mandl was the owner of the Yahoo group and the Halloween charts are now available for sale on her site. She has some other free designs there too.

When I first saw this Red Sweatered Teddy cross stitch chart, it was on DMC's Italian website. You can now find it on their USA site but you'll need to join the DMC Club to access the chart. (It's free to join and your log-in will work on their other sites too.) I used all the suggested colors of floss and stitched the bear on 18 ct Aida. And, I backed it with some blue felt, stuffed it and added a yellow loop. I am so predictable.

This Korean website has a ton of free cross stitch charts. Forty-nine pages worth! Since there are no thumbnails for each one, you'll have to click on the links. Google's English translation will give you some idea of what you're clicking on but it seems not all of the chart pages will translate. You can pretty mnuch figure them out anyway. I had no idea how to finish off the koala and or bear so I just added some felt to the backs, and I may stick an ornament hook in them and hang them on my Xmas tree this year. The pattern for the bear in the blue shirt is here and I'm still tring to track down the koala chart. (I'm up to page 20 so far.)

Thanks to Lit and Laundry for hosting Finished for Friday every week!

Lit and Laundry


Miss 376 said...

The spiders look such fun.

Busym1 said...

Those Halloween ornies are the cutest!!!! Love them! Michelle

Loralynn said...

They are all so cute! Good job!

Mary said...

Your ornaments came out great!

Something similar happened to me when I was taking a picture of RED SOX. I took one with a flash and using the overhead light for the light. Then I went over to the window, took one with flash and one without. The one without looked like it was stitched on blue fabric instead of white. Kind of weird in a science way.

Congrats on your finishes!

Bea said...

I love those little Halloween items. Good finishes.

Knitty said...

Sometimes a photo doesn't look anything at all like the color in real life and flash can be just as bad unless you know what you're doing. I don't. I often have to doctor the photos before I post or print them.

Thanks for the website info. I just found out that we're going to be grandparents in March. I think I need to make the bear for mommy and daddy, just for fun.

Threeundertwo said...

Thanks for the links! I love how you do your ornaments. I tend to have them sit in a stack, unfinished forever. That's why I started this FFF.

Halloween ornaments are everywhere. Do you have a little branch tree to hang them on? I think I'll be making some soon (defining "soon" as "next year.")

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Everyone is in the mood for Halloween this year. It's nice that you have these already done. If I started anything, I wouldn't be ready until Next Halloween! Have a nice week! Twyla

Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

great ornaments!

Annie said...

Lots of cute finishes. Love all those little Helga ones. I've stitched some of those myself.

marybt said...

Those Halloween ornaments are adorable!

I am so ready for fall. :)

And I'm glad to see you working on projects again.

plaidandherringbone said...

The ornaments are neat! They'd look great hanging from a branch in the window or so.
Thanks so much for the great links, too. Clicking on the Korean site is like popping party poppers - surprise!