Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remember Me?

Surprise, surprise. I am still here. (My new FB addiction is Hatchlings.)

The other day Mary mentioned on Facebook how she has been checking my blog every day to see what I've been stitching since I had my foot surgery. That made me realize how I had planned to make a bunch of things during my recovery but have only finished a few. That put me in the mood to make something, so last night, I traced the design for the Bunny SAL on to some fabric and began to embroider it. All I have left to do is the hedgehog. And, if I wasn't sitting at my computer writing about it now, I would be working on it this very minute.

I did a little blog reading the other day and found a few embroidery freebies that I wanted to link to but I have to do some back tracking to find them again. For now, the August pattern is up on Bad Birds. and it's a buffalo.

See ya on Friday! (I actually have some finished ornaments to share. Alert the media!)

1 comment:

marybt said...

I love buffalo. It's very tasty and very healthy.

I might stitch that for my local buffalo supplier. :)

Glad you're back! :)