Friday, September 25, 2009

I Love You, System Restore

For the past several days, I couldn't get on the internet. Windows suggested I shut off the modem for ten seconds and then turn it back on. I decided I would try that during the following day when there was enough light to see which cord was which under the desk since the flashlight was not where it was supposed to be. I should buy a miner's hat. It would really come in handy at times.

Well, then my sister got involved. There were phone calls made to Cox Cable, which were of no help, so last night, one of their techs came out. He looked at my computer and said something along the lines of "Sorry, I've never seen this before so I can't fix it. It's a hard drive problem."

After he left, the System Restore button caught my eye and I said "What the hay" and clicked on it. I followed all the steps and changed the settings back to September 14th. Guess who's back online now? That would be me, thank you very much.

While my computer was refusing to be friends with the internet, I was using my sister's and all I did was go on Facebook to play Pet Society, so I now have a ton of email to go through and a bunch of blogs to read.

And, for reading this entire thing that has nothing to do with crafting, your reward is a link to The Stitcherhood. Thanks to April Mechelle for posting her finish of one of their freebies. I hadn't heard of The Stitcherhood before I read her blog. I love their designs and they have some nice free charts too. I think I'm going to start one later today.

Enjoy your weekend!


marybt said...

Miner's hat! lol. I need one for my closet.

Since you're catching up on blogs, I recently posted some stitching. Hint hint.

Glad your computer is back up and going.

Miri said...

Glad you're back! I too had computer problems-we had to replace the motherboard! I love your cable guy-he must be BFFs with mine!

I've posted two blocks I've embroidered using the tracing from my vintage quilt plus I've posted the tracing/pattern too as a free pattern! I love doing these Bonnet Girls-its like playing dress-up!

Mary said...

Glad you are back. I highly suggest you start backing your computer files if you haven't already done it lately. System restore is a good thing as long as your system does a restore date. I'm not sure why my computer doesn't do it automatically even though I have it set that way.

Have fun catching up with email.

Loralynn said...

I'm so glad that yours was an easy fix!