Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Life As A Hamster

I've become nocturnal -- sleeping all day and up all night -- so I keep missing opportunities to take more pictures of my Tubby pillow in daylight-- the first round did not turn out well -- and of my TUSAL jar. So, tonight, I am just going to share some links.

There's a cute 1960's kitty embroidery freebie at Primrose Design. That blog was one of the first "crafty" ones I ever read. I still refer to Janet's Stitch School posts when I need a reminder on how to make certain embroidery stitches.

Look at the cute cute cute Jingle Owls from Eileen's Attic. I have got to make one of these! And, have you seen the adorable Kokeshi stuffie from Melly & Me? [Both links via Freebies For Crafters.]

Speaking of softies, it's once again time to make one or two or seventeen and send them off to Pip at Meet Me at Mikes so they can be donated to The Mirabel Foundation, and then given to kids who have been abandoned or orphaned due to drug-abusing parents. For all the details on making softies, where to send them, and links to free patterns, go to this post. I actually made a small bear last night for this project but I used some eco felt which is kind of rough and scratchy (and would make lovely carpeting in a doll house) and I would rather my softie be, well, soft. So I'm considering him a practice run. My goal is to make at least three softies for Mirabel.

Stop laughing, you guys.


marybt said...

Those owls are cute.

Too bad I can't sew. lol.

Thanks for the links!

Loralynn said...

Thanks for all the links! Especially the last one. I will definately look into donating for that one!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I've gotten into the habit of staying up late too! 1 AM is my usual bedtime anymore. I love the quiet hours. Twyla