Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lilith, A Shih Tzu Who Needs A Home

It always kills me when I hear about an older animal who needs a home. My dog, Maggie, is 16 years old now and I just think it would be so sad if she ended up in an animal shelter for whatever reason. She is relatively healthy for her age but there sure wouldn't be a line of people, waiting to adopt a senior Shih Tzu who doesn't hear much anymore or see very well these days.

I moderate a Yahoo group for Shih Tzus in need of rescue. That's where I heard about Lilith. Sorry it's not the best picture.

Lilith is currently at the Loudon County Animal Shelter in Tennessee. I don't how she came to be at the shelter but I read she was matted when she arrived and has since been shaved down. Lilith is an older dog and she may possibly have cataracts. The assistant director of the shelter says they have had some inquiries about her, but so far no one has come in to adopt her. If the shelter gets more dogs and runs out of space, Lilith will be put to sleep.

I posted the link to her Petfinder page on both Facebook and Twitter, and I'm going to do that again. I thought I'd post it here as well. Feel free to crosspost the link below to anyone and anywhere you think it might help. Thank you!


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Bumpkin Bears said...

I just found your blog surfing around, what a poor soul she is, I do hope she finds a loving home soon, she clearly deserves it. Hugs, Catherine x