Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

So my plan to get caught up on my blog reading is off to a rough start. So is my plan to get caught up on my email, my Facebook messages and to clear off the 17 empty Cherry Coke Zero cans from my bathroom counter, but I finally got "I'm Alright" on my iPod so I'm a happy camper. Yes, the Kenny Loggins' tune that the gopher dances to at the end of Caddyshack.

By the way, snottily telling an iTunes service rep via email that you never have any problems using gift cards from Starbucks or Penneys, unlike iTunes, will get her to issue you free song credits. And don't worry, I apologized to her for being rude in a later email. Once I made sure I could redeem my iTunes card and had those song credits.

Anyways, instead of tackling the empty can situation in the bathroom, I think I am going to make this nifty felt New Years banner from The Purl Bee. I never got around to making an Xmas garland plus I happen to have some invisible thread (for some unknown reason) so this is calling my name [via One Pretty Thing].


Niki :-) said...

Patty I cannot tell you how many times I've used the customer service #'s and emails to complain about shotty service. . I figure, these companies make tons of money, and if we pay big bucks for things, like a starbucks coffee, and it's not just right, then why not?! Starbucks is my # 1 store I do that to. But then again, I'm a reg customer. So they never deny me a free cup if they mess up my order. I've done it with hair products, shampoos, ...once a 3M bandaid thing ripped my son's skin off leaving him bleeding. 3M was so generous to send a huge huge box of 3M goodies to 'make it right'. hey, they rather do this then risk a lawsuit, not that I have that power or even would, but you get the idea... happy NY!!!

Elizabeth said...

Calling or emailing to bitch, or even to compliment almost always gets me something, even if it's just coupons.
Have a fun 2010, Patty!