Monday, December 7, 2009

One Ornament Down, Tons More To Go

You should all thank me for deleting the entire post I just wrote (except for the following paragraphs) because it was SO BORING. Consider it an early Christmas present.

Mollie over at Wild Olive has been sharing her adorable daily Advent Embroideries patterns, (look in the right sidebar), and they are simple enough that you could stitch the ones she's already posted on her blog so far, and then start working on the new one after she adds it every day.

Last night, I spent a few hours embroidering all seven of the patterns she has shared so far the mitten and making an ornament out of it. Why did it take me so long to do just one? It was due to a busload of dumb mistakes on my part, but my mitten is all finished, and wonky eyes and wrinkled fabric aside, I am happy with it.

You can see some pictures from last night's ornament making project on Facebook.

So, now I am going to stitch up the rest of the posted patterns tonight so I'll be all caught up when Mollie adds another one tomorrow. [insert hysterical laughter here] Well, maybe I won't get all eight finished but I know I can get a few more done this evening.


Kristi said...

Oh, your mitten is the cutest!! I've been meaning to start these...they're so adorable...but I've lacked gumption. :P

Btw, I loved the FB pics. The running commentary cracked me up! :-D

Loralynn said...

Don't feel lonely in the "messing things up" department. On two projects I was cutting out today...well, let's just say I was lucky I had enough material to recut!

Mary said...

This is a cute ornament.

Melissa said...

This is really cute. And don't feel bad about the do-over's; you are definitely not alone.

marybt said...

It's darling!

Did I tell you my mom is making me a set? :)

Louisiana Momma said...

that too cute!!! I loved your in progress pics on facebook

Kellie said...

Where's the LIKE button for this? It's so CUTE I want to like it dammit!