Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Of Course I'm Out Of Toner

I'm linking to the free artwork at Feed Your Soul because I want to print out a few of them but my printer is currently out of toner so I have to wait until we get some more and I need a reminder or else I'll forget all about it.

I also want to print out the adorable free 2010 calendar at Non dairy Diary

File this under Christmas: Over at What Katie Does is a link to a set of holiday patterns that you could use for embroidery or to stitch cards, like Katie did.

I did a little blog house cleaning last night and was reminded of two Stitch-A-Longs that I never finished in 2008 so I've sent emails to the bloggers in charge and asked to join them again. For both SAL's, you x-stitch an ornament according to the monthly theme, although I believe you can pretty much use any design you want. One is the Bride's Tree SAL (I completed three ornaments for that one) and the other is the Christmas Ornament SAL (I finished four of those). And since I already did January, February, March and an August ornament, I can start two Aprils now and have them all done before May hits. I hope.

By the way, I began a cute little reindeer cross stitch right before Xmas and I had just about finished with his head when I realized my count was really off. I tried removing the incorrect stitches, and since they were done in a deep red floss, they left marks on my Aida I decided I would stitch a background to cover them up. Then I got bored ripping out my mistakes so I just started the whole thing again. And when I finished cross stitching little Blitzen, I decided to add a background. Because I'm nuts. I'm still working on that as of today. I only went three X's out from the edge of the reindeer but it's taking me forever to get it done. Then again, I do have until next December to turn him into an ornament.

Mollie at Wild Olive has posted a cute embroidery freebie for January, the Perplexed Stump. And January's free pattern at Bad Birds is up too (it's squirrels).

I love that Blogger's Spellchecker tells me that bloggers is misspelled. They suggest I use loggers or floggers. It considers blogger a real word. Just don't make it plural.

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Threeundertwo said...

I'm always out of toner. Makes me crazy.

I've been intending to do that Christmas ornament SAL for a long time now. I usually do about 6-12 a year anyway, so maybe this year I'll get my act together and sign up. Thanks for reminding me!