Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Embroidery BOM

I keep posting links to embroidery freebies yet I haven't actually stitched anything since 1957.

Here's another free BOM for you. This one is from a blog called The Contented Quilter and it's called "Take time to..." The first block ("put your feet up") is linked here. You'll find the second one ("smell the roses") linked on this post. I really like the designs.

Thank you, Deepa, for mentioning this one on your blog.

Edited to add: Check out Deepa's finished bedspread embroidery project. (Click the photos to see a larger version.) It took her 7 1/2 months and more than 35 different stitches and techniques to complete and she did a beautiful job!


Loralynn said...

Wow! 1957! You're older than I thought, Patty! ;o)

Deepa said...

Thank you dear for the kind words :) Will keep checking out for your stitching..hmm..may be till 2057..beyond that I may not manage to live ;)

Threeundertwo said...

You keep posting embroidery freebies because you are an enabler. Thanks for the links!