Thursday, April 22, 2010


My check for jury duty just arrived. I got $105 for "criminal fees" and $61.88 for "criminal mileage."

Back when I knew I'd be going to report for jury service at the end of March, I thought about getting paid if I made it on a jury and how I could finally get a haircut and buy some highlighter for my hair.

Did I mention how the case was for vehicular manslaughter and DUI? One person was pronounced dead at the scene, one died of his injuries the next day, and one was seriously injured.

I look at that check now and think "People died and I'm getting a haircut."

I've tried to write about the whole experience a few times. I think I'm going to save the draft post and leave it be for now. Maybe I'll finish it later on. I'll just stick to sharing links to free patterns and the occasional whine.

By the way, we couldn't reach a unanimous decision so the judge declared a mistrial. You can read about the case here but please remember that some details have been left out and everything is not always as black and white as it seems.

Rest in peace Catherine Malloy and Frank Howd.


Loralynn said...

It would be very hard to be impartial with something like that. Sorry you had to go through such a difficult time with it.

Holly Days Closet said...

I understand how you feel. After the trail I served on and wrote my blog about it I just keep it simple even though what I was feeling was hardly simple. I cryed all the way home not because we made the wrong decission but because we made the right one it's not easy but I wouldn't trade my experience for anything in the world. I'm more blessed for it. Your in my thoughts.

Denise Felton said...

I hear you. I served on a jury panel about 20 years ago. I ended up being selected for 4 or 5 trials. Most were civil suits, but I sat on one criminal trial that was completely devastating. And I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming sense of responsibility I felt as a jury member. No one can tell you until you do it.

Hugging you,


barbara said...

I covered a lot of trials when I was a reporter and thought I'd like to serve on a jury. But a friend of mine had what sounds like an experience similar to yours and really needed a lot of time to sort out her thoughts. I think you earned your paycheck.