Monday, June 14, 2010

Something To Do With Embroidery

If I ever hit the lottery, I swear I am hiring someone just to think up titles for my posts.

Sometimes when I see links posted on Facebook, I forget to add them here because I figure everyone has seen them already. But maybe you aren't a fan of Wild Olive or DMC Threads on Facebook so you missed the adorable cupcake embroidery patterns that Mollie created for DMC.

Over at Bad Birds, you will find a huge list of free and not-so-free embroidery patterns. This is totally worth checking out. Go do it now. We'll wait.

Oh and Denise has another post with links to a bunch of embroidery freebies on Craft Gossip. I love when she does this.

And, here are the last of my already scanned patterns. Now I need to scan the rest of them and post them here.


Loralynn said...

I've been looking for a new, easy project...thanks for the links!

Miri said...

Adorable! All these have been too cute (and the kitties too)-thanks and thanks for the links too.

I've posted some vintage car embroidery patterns today.