Monday, August 2, 2010

The Stackable Cats And Me

First off, let me say THANK YOU for all of your comments about my dog, Maggie. They really meant a lot to me and made me feel better. Other than losing some weight, Maggie is still doing well. Please keep thinking good thoughts for her. Thanks!

Once upon a time, like nearly a year ago, I cross stitched a free pattern from Mochimochi Land called Stackable Cats. Then I put it away somewhere for months and months. Last week, I decided to finish it. (If you've just joined us, in my world, that means I attach some backing fabric to it and it either becomes an ornament or a small pillow.) So I did just that and stuffed it so full of stuffing that it looked like a sausage. I did a craptastic job sewing the opening closed, but other than that, I was really happy with my little sausage slash pillow. I planned to blog about it so I went to grab the link to the free chart from Mochimochi Land and noticed that the cats in the pattern had whiskers and mine did not.


I know I could have added the whiskers after the fact (or just left them off and modified the title to Stackable Critters or something) but I don't do well adding facial features to anything that has already been stuffed). Instead, I opened up my little sausage pillow, pulled out all of the stuffing and ripped out the stitches on three sides so I could back stitch the whiskers. Then I sewed it all back together and once again had my little Stackable Cats pillow.

But here's the funny part. Before I stuffed it the second time, my sister saw it and said "Oh, is that an eyeglasses case for me?" just as I was contemplating that I could turn it into a small case instead of a small pillow. We both decided it would make a better case if it had a zipper across the top. Since I still don't do zippers (or use a sewing machine yet), once again it became the little sausage it was meant to be.

As you can see if you've clicked over to the original free chart, I changed it somewhat. I have no idea why I left off the birds or ball of yarn. Like I said, I stitched this about a year ago and maybe I was just feeling anti-yarn and anti-bird that day. And, I didn't use the suggested colors either. I think I was missing the orange one and felt brown kitties would be just as nice.

I totally love this design and I can see myself making another one into a case for my sister's glasses. Except there won't be any zippers involved. But that's why they invented Velcro. This is a freebie x-stitch chart and you can find it here, but if you're a knitter, check out the adorable patterns for the Stackable Cats and the Pile-able Pups. So cute!

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Mare said...! I really admire all you needleworkers. It takes such patience and talent.

I adore your modification of the stackable cats. These cats are too dignified for the likes of yarn and fowl, so it was a good call.

Also glad to hear sweet Maggie is doing well.