Monday, September 13, 2010

Ew, That Smell

Happy Birthday to you
You live in a zoo
You smell like a monkey
Because you've only bathed twice in the past four weeks. Ugh.

I have been getting washed as I best I can while standing at my sink so I'm not totally gross. Just a tad gross. But there really is no substitute for a real shower with hot running water. Although at this point, I would love to sit in a patio chair in the backyard and have someone just hose me off. (I go back to the orthopedic guy on October 1 and hopefully he will pronounce my knee completely healed on that day and I can set fire to the brace in the backyard. After I take a thirty minute shower. )

I just wanted to pop in and link to this porcupine pincushion over at Prudent Baby. It was on a list of thirty DIY pincushion links at Craft Passion. You probably already know some of the tutorials but maybe some will be new to you so go check out the list.

[Thirty minutes later] Well, this always happens. I find something to link to on one blog and end up visiting more blogs and discovering more good stuff.

Look at this chair! I love this chair and want to marry it. (But only if we can hold the ceremony in June so I can have peonies in my wedding bouquet.) If this chair is not a reason to learn to crochet, I don't know what is. Also, at About Mo and me is a tutorial to crochet a flower garland. I love that too.

How cute is this rolled felt peppermint pincushion from Polka Dot Pineapple?

There's a ton of great tutorials on Creative Jewish Mom, and even more on Sundays, but I especially love this pretty embroidery and felt applique picture.

I hope you enjoyed the extra links. Have a great Monday and may you always be able to shower whenever you want.


barbara said...

Oh, dear. I'm catching up on weeks worth of blog reading and couldn't figure out why you hadn't showered. Sigh. Sniff. I am very sorry to hear this news and hope you are on the mend.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Miss Patty!

Miri said...

Glad you're moving about better! I just love your little cross stitches...the sleeping puppy is just the cutest.

Thanks for the links.

Loralynn said...

Thanks for all the links! I especially love the felt sewn hoop! Darling idea!