Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Update

Finally, something Halloween-y to share: ghosts and candy corn cookies.

The instructions for the ghosts were in Country Living (slide #7) and they are really simple to make. You'll need those white tissue paper honeycomb wedding bells that you find at party stores and black construction paper or cardstock for their eyes and mouths. (The magazine suggested glue dots to stick them on but I didn't have any so I just used my hot glue gun.) Then drape cheesecloth over the ghosts and there you go.

I saw the recipe for the candy corn cookies on a blog and then later found it on the Land O'Lakes website. The only difference was the blogger used sanding sugar on hers at the end. I just used granulated. These are just sugar cookies made to look like candy corn and are easy to make. You can find step-by-step photos here.

By the way, the recipe yields 15 dozen cookies, (they're supposed to be small), and even though I read that before I even started mixing ingredients together, it didn't hit me until I had one tray of unbaked cookies ready to go into the oven and saw I still had a huge amount of dough left. Tip from me: the bigger you cut the candy corns, the quicker you'll use up all that dough.


Mary said...

I love your ghosts. Also your happy halloween header picture. :-)

Sunny simple life said...

Those cookies are adorable!

marybt said...

Those ghosts are adorable!

The cookies look delicious ... but, ummm FIFTEEN DOZEN?! Oh my gosh! lol.

Dina said...

sooooo cute i love the ghosts and they were so easy to make!