Monday, October 4, 2010

Michael What?

I was wondering why this didn't post on Sunday morning. I just noticed I had set it for Monday morning. At least I got the year right.

The other day Jenn posted a link on my Facebook to this Michaelmas dragon and I've decided I need to make one, especially when I read this line: "If you like, you could use embroidery floss and sew the seams using blanket stitch." Well, hello! So I'm adding the dragon to my to-do list, which right now is loaded with Halloween projects. By the way, in case you were wondering, Michaelmas is a festival that marks the turning of the seasons. You can read more about it on Rhythm of the Home.

After you read up on Michaelmas and make your dragon, head on over to inspire co. and check out the new Inspired Ideas magazine. I swear the cover alone made me drool. A few nights ago, I started making the kitty cat treat bag and I'm still working on the face. Maybe it's just me but blanket stitching felt pieces on to a small bag is a major pain in the butt. If I ever make another one, I'll add the eyes and nose before I put the bag together.

I went back to the orthopedic surgeon on Friday. I love when doctors show me x-rays and I can't see whatever it is they're pointing out but I nod and act like I know exactly what they are talking about. Anyway, he told me I could stop wearing the brace. My knee isn't completely healed but it's close to it. I think he was a little disappointed he didn't get to operate on me for this fracture, but hey, there's always next time, right? Har har.

Edited to add: Miri is sharing directions to make a bonnet girl quilt on Milk and Honey Quilts. Check out this post to see close-ups of some of the bonnet girls. When I grow up, I want to make quilts just like Miri. I love her work!


Annie said...

So glad to hear that the knee has decided to cooperate! Yea for you!

marybt said...

So glad your knee is healing! :)

Miri said...


When I grow up, I want to cross stitch!