Friday, November 5, 2010

The Most Amazing Unexpected Thing Just Happened

So, I'm sitting at my computer reading the latest newsletter from Bunny Hill Designs and my sister wanders in and looks at the gift tags on my monitor (linked in the newsletter) and says "How cute!" And, I say how there are tons of free printable gift tags out there and that it's too bad I don't have any presents to give, and she says "Why don't you print them out and make a garland?"

Oh. My. God.

My sister does not craft. She once made a Christmas ornament when she was in Blue Birds in first grade but that was back in the 70's. She enjoys reading mysteries, doing puzzles and eating salami but she does not sew or embroider or paint or cook or collage or whittle or knit toilet paper cozies from cat hair so I was shocked and appalled and stunned and amazed at what she said.

I really should add that she was a graphic artist at her last job, so it's not that she isn't creative. It's just that she doesn't, you know, make stuff.

The gift tags are on the free page at Bunny Tales.


Threeundertwo said...

Waiting to see the garland. I love Bunny Hill stuff.

Annie said...

I love that one your sisters interests is 'eating salami'. Nice way to spend your free time!

Thanks for the link. Those tags are very nice.

Coloradolady said...

What an amazing idea!! You are always a wealth of information!!!!!!

marybt said...

Yeah, I'm always astounded when one of my sisters says something smart too. (Kidding! Sort of. Well, that would depend if they read this comment or not. lol.)

Loralynn said...

What a fantastic idea! I bet it will be really cute! btw...if you have started to knit toilet paper cozies from cat hair, I want to see them!!! ;o)