Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's Two, Two Posts In One Day

Wow, my second post of the day. And year. How unlike me.

Remember the Totally Useless Stitch A Long aka TUSAL? I started it last year and then abandoned it at some point. (It was February. How sad is that?) Which makes no sense because it's fun and brainless. (Just like I like my men. Har, har.) You don't even have to stitch anything. All you need to do is save your floss ends or ORTs, stick them in a jar and share a picture of it once a month, on the day of the new moon.

Yoyo, who used to organize it, has disappeared from Blog Land (I hope she's ok, she was a nice lady) but the wonderful Sharon over at It's Daffycat has stepped in to be the official keeper of the TUSAL. If you want to join in, go leave some Sharon comments on this post. Make sure you do it before the 4th of January because that's not only the first day to post a picture of your jar, but you will also qualify to win fabulous prizes at the end of the year if you post every month.

Here's a picture of my TUSAL jar as of last February. It's now full so I plan to start a new one and share a photo of it on every New Moon, even if it's always empty because I have two canine toddlers who never let me do anything but supervise them.

And, now I am off to make minestrone soup. And babysit the devil dogs.


Threeundertwo said...

I love that heart! I just took a photo of my ort jar so I can join in. This is the easiest stitch along I've ever joined.

Lelia said...

I think the heart is too cute --- love the idea of a heart with buttons : )