Friday, April 22, 2011

Do Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Roses

The other day I snapped some pictures of my neighbors' roses because they were full-on blooming and soooo pretty,  I was going to blog about them since I really have no other pictures to share since all I do anymore is go on Facebook and play Pet Society and make fun of stoopid status updates.  Seriously, what is up with people who post that they're at the bank and at McDonald's and at the grocery store?  Do they not realize that no one needs an update on their whereabouts every 17 minutes?  I would so love to go rob them while they're running their errands. Really.  It's so annoying.

I know someone else who counts down to vacation.  As in "142 days until Scranton."   Then, we get "138 days until Scranton.".  OMG, PLEASE SHUT UP.  I know you're excited to take your trip but none besides yourself is marking off the days on the calendar.

And, just so you know, I am not talking about anyone that I know through blogging and is a Facebook friend.  any I don't mind the occasional vacation updates at all and I love looking at your vacation pics but the constant countdown is annoying.

Maybe I just need new friends.

So, anyway, I took some pictures of my next-door neighbors' roses and cannot get them to download or upload or whatever it is.  I keep getting an error message.  The photos are showing up on my camera so I don't know what's going on.  I was thinking of cutting some of those roses under cover of darkness so maybe that's why my camera isn't cooperating.  It doesn't approve of what I'm planning.

Like I would ever have the guts to steal my neighbors' roses.  Please.  However, if they had heirloom tomato plants, that would be another story.

I am bound and determined to make something this weekend (does my bed count?) so I should be back on Monday with something to show you.  Have a Happy Easter!  (Just like that poor chick!)


barbara said...

You're giving me one more reason to delay getting on Facebook. Happy Easter to you, too!

giddy99 said...

Ya, I deleted my Facebook account over a year ago, and I haven't missed it YET. :)

jan said...

Too funny, and spot on!

clare's craftroom said...

Well done , great post ! Thanks so much I enjoyed this .

Sheilasembroidery said...

Facebook irritated me as well, only go there very occasionally. Easter greetings to you and yours.

Karen Farley said...

You are sooooo funny!!!!! Who goes when they go to the bathroom or blow a fart. Some of the posts are just plain gagging. Hope you get your roses. Your kids are adorable. Take care.

marybt said...

You're on crack. I love love love reading about what everyone is having for dinner - down to each side dish. And the adjectives of "yummy" and "homemade" just make the status that much more enjoyable for me, the average facebooker.

I choose my facebook friends based on what they make for dinner. True story.

Jennifer said...

Really? Someone's excited about going to Scranton? As in Scranton, PA? Cause that's near my hometown.