Sunday, November 6, 2011

Calling All Geeks

Update:  Happy news -- I plugged my camera into the lap top and it automatically downloaded a driver so I can still use my camera.  Yay!  Thank you to Jennfullnovembermoon and Susan for your help!

So my computer couldn't be fixed.  Which really is not a big deal because I hated it.  It used to do this weird thing where it would lapse into a coma if I left it alone for 12 minutes.  Or 37 minutes.  It was never consistent.  You know how your computer will go to sleep after awhile and then you jiggle the mouse to wake it up?  Well, mine never woke up.  The light was on behind the darkened screen but no one was home.  From stuff I read on Google, there were other people with this same problem -- people with laptops and desktops from different manufacturers -- and guess what we all had in common?  Windows Vista.  I used to curse Bill Gates nearly every day.  Even though I doubt he had anything to do with Vista.

The good news is the tech guy was able to save all my pictures, my 14,987 embroidery patterns, and my iTunes. He pulled out the hard drive and transferred everything to a laptop.  This laptop has Windows 7 and the bad news there isn't a Windows 7 driver for my camera because it's too old.  I had to download drivers from Microsoft for my camera, scanner and printer to get them to work with Vista.  Apparently, I can't do this for Windows 7.

I haven't starting Googling yet but does anyone know if there are other places besides Microsoft to get drivers for things like older cameras so you can use them with Windows 7?  I might need to call Leo Laporte.

For now, my blog will be photo-free since I can't upload anything to the laptop.  So that means you won't be able to see all the lovely projects the one embroidery I've finished over the past few weeks.  And I couldn't post an October picture for the TUSAL. 

I'm off to cross stitch something that you'll probably never see. Have a good week!


Jennifer said...

If your camera has an SD card in it, a simple card reader from Target for about $10 should do the trick. My laptop actually has a port for our SD card, but I have a card reader as well that plugs into a USB port.

fullnovembermoon said...

What kind of camera do you have and how does it connect with your computer? A lot of programs can supercede the drivers that come with the camera to be able to import your photos just fine. If you have a program like Picasa, or Adobe Photoshop Elements they can take the photos directly off the camera via USB cable. You can also just use the memory card in the camera with a reader as well and not even need a driver. Just some ideas. Hope that helps!