Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Still Here

Remember awhile ago when I was happy to find out that all I had to do was plug my old camera into the lap top I was using and Windows 7 immediately started downloading my photos?  No driver or software or anything else was needed.  Well, it's no longer working -- the downloading part, I mean.  I plug in my camera and a light blinks on the lap top and I hear a whirring sound but nothing pops up to ask me if I want to import the files.  So I can't post any pictures of all 197 things that I've made recently.  Um, make that the one thing I've made recently.  And, I can't post any pictures of my orts jar for the 2012 TUSAL or my progress for the 2012 WIPocalypse.  Grrrr.

At least I can still post links.

Here's one for a free Strawberry Fields cross stitch chart from Sew News [via Daily Craft].  They show the strawberries stitched on a cosmetics case but you could do them on anything.  The other night, my sister gave me a gingham pillowcase (long story) and I was thinking about embroidering something on it, but it might be fun to x-stitch the strawberries on it.  Then again, it's gingham so maybe I'll put some chicken scratch on it since it's been ages since I did that.  Oh yeah, I think I will do some chicken scratch.  (I seriously hadn't thought about doing that until just now.)  I'll save the strawberries for something else because I really like that chart.

I'll play around with the laptop later to see if I can figure out what's wrong but for now I am going to go check my chicken scratch pattern stash and pick something to put on the pillow case.


fullnovembermoon said...

Does your camera have a memory card? If so you can buy a cheap card reader and just take out the card from your camera, put it in the reader and hook it up to your laptop. The other option is to go to "Computer" and look on the list and see if your pictures are on there as a drive. Next time you hook up your camera go to computer then look at the list and see if it is listed as a USB drive or memory stick. Click on it and see if your pictures are there and you can copy them that way into your photo folder. Just some ideas.

Myriam said...

I miss you! hope you're healthy
friendly, Myriam