Saturday, November 3, 2012

Even If It Kills Me

I just saw this cute Christmas project on One Pretty Thing and got this urge to link to it so here I am and here it is: Merry and Bright Garland from Kojo Designs.

It has been awhile since I made anything.  I had plans to make a couple pumpkins or ghosts and finish a few things for Halloween that I had started last year but I got sidetracked by other things.  Important stuff like googling random crap.  My sister got me an e-reader for my birthday so I use it for Facebook, checking email and Google while lying in bed.  Have I downloaded any books yet?  No.  But I do use it to place holds on real books at my local library.  Oh and I have been taking pictures with it too.

I did embroider this towel but I had transferred the pattern on to it months ago.  It was starting to fade away.  Sorry for all the wrinkles but I'm actually using it in the kitchen so I didn't bother to iron it.  This is towel number two of three.  I'm hoping to finish the last one before the pattern transfer is completely gone.  It's Aunt Martha's Adorable Puppy #4015 pattern.  The towel is also from Aunt Martha and I got them both at Hobby Lobby.  It has red stripes down the side that you can't see thanks to my nifty camera work.

I so want to go iron that towel and take a new picture now.

Here's something else I need to iron.  A set of towels that I got at our local antique store back in July.  

This will not be my only post in November, I promise!


Gina E. said...

LOL, I am also guilty of taking pics of my linens before I've pressed them! I just LOVE those towels - how cute! Never seen anything like them before. Isn't it a buzz to find something so unusual!

Barbara said...

All adorable. I have never seen anything like the tall cat and dog designs ... good find!

Coloradolady said...

OMgosh..those towels are adorable!!