Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Nice To See You Again

I refuse to let an entire year go by without posting anything so here I am.

Some time ago -- we're talking a couple of years -- Kellie sent me an apron she had made for me.  She used some really cute fabric, including some with dogs on it, although I have no clue what ever gave her the idea that I even like dogs.  It's not like all I ever do on Facebook is post dog stuff or anythng.  She also made a matching coin purse, which I did not take a photo of, but it's made of the same material as the apron.



In other apron news, I got this one from an Etsy shop called Pastel Vintage, mainly because I like the dog on the pocket (who knew?) and the stripes & rickrack.  The cool thing is the Fruit of the Loom label hanging off it.  I refuse to remove it.

You can never have enough cowbell.

In my next post, I'll share something I actually made.  And, then the world will explode.


Martha said...

How fun to hear from you. I am excited to see what you've made!

Kellie said...

You have a blog? Hee hee har har...that never gets old!
Seriously though, I adore that doggy pocket apron!