Monday, October 6, 2014

Have We Met?

Hey, blog.  Remember me?

I spend lots of time on Facebook these days, posting photos of shelter dogs that need homes.  A few months ago, I started volunteering at my county animal shelter.  I still don't have a job (or even a car) but this dog thing has really made me feel like I'm doing something with my life.  It's often sad (dogs end up on the euth list and don't always get saved) and frustrating (adopters return dogs to the shelter for lame reasons), but I've met some great like-minded people and many of the dogs and cats and rabbits and guinea pigs and snakes do get adopted or rescued.  And, as meaningful as it is to me, I know I need something more.  


Every so often, I end up on Pinterest -- not pinning anything but just looking -- and it really makes me want to, not only make something, but also blog about it.  I have made a few two things recently. And, by recently, I mean last December and this past April.  Let's see if I can find some photos.

I embroidered the kitties on a kitchen towel for a friend.  The design came from the Sublime Stitching book.  I was happy with my embroidery, but boy, does my photography and ironing need some work.

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off.  I just discovered I already posted that photo in February.  I do not care.  At least I am blogging again.

The other thing I did was embroider an Easter egg on a kitchen towel.  Now I need to track down a photo.  Until I find it, enjoy this one:

Be back soon!

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